In Melbourne we may celebrate four seasons in one day however Japan boasts a unique travel itinerary dependent on each of its distinctive seasons. Every one of them makes for a memorable experience.

From the evocative colours of the red Koyo in Autumn, to the explosion of white powder on its mountain tops in Winter. To the magical wonder of the cherry blossoms in spring, through to the magical mountain stalls in Summer, Japan is celebrated for all of its seasons which are charmed and cherished by travellers all year round.

Planning for your Japan experience should therefore be a tailored and individual affair, dependent on your time and reason for travel. We offer you some highlights to make your Japanese experience a memory to marvel:

  1. Spring (March through to May)

In spring the cherry blossoms ignite a cacophony of colour around Japan which make it one of the best times to travel. The Japanese have perfected the celebration of the bountiful beauty of this ancient land as an art form to experience. The extravagance of flowers across the country brings beauty and colour to the rural landscape of this humble oriental nation.

Consulting early for your experience is key as this is the busiest time for local and international tourists .Plan your trip to avoid the crowds as you can save time and money navigating from traditional tourist paths.

  1. Summer (June through to September)

Summer is the perfect time to head for the hills as the Japanese alps are a spectacular and special treat to experience. The small traditional food stalls on wheels appear everywhere and create an atmosphere of their own on balmy summer nights to barter with locals, and enjoy the spectacular festivals and fireworks. Ask us about our travel tips to enjoy summer, as this can be the best time to visit to beat the crowds and you can secure great bargains.

  1. Autumn Leaves in Japan (September through March)

Tropical storms herald the change of seasons in Japan that makes a trip worth planning for. This season ushers in breathtaking expanses of Autumn colours from pinks to reds, yellows, burgundy and every shade of brown. This is where the Koyo (red leaves) come to play, and inspire magic marvels of nature around the country.

Plan your tour to see the spectacle and make sure you try the range of Autumn foods. Experience an onsen (hot spring bath) and gaze at the autumn colours as you soak up the atmosphere of Japans most magical season.

  1. Winter (November through early March)

In Winter Japan’s mountains explode into a wonderland of white. Japan is well known for its powdery soft snow that offers an excellent skiing experience. Plan to see the temples with their snow covered roofs and enjoy the warmth of the local eating houses. The snow monkeys splash amongst the Onsen which makes for a unique Japanese experience.

Skiing is a great winter past time in Japan, and there are ample opportunities to enjoy the slopes from north to south of the mainland. Japan is a sought after skiing destination whether enjoying its elaborate ski parks or night skiing with your family, there is something for everyone.

Whatever your reason, or season it will pay to invest in a clear plan to embrace the full colour of the four season of Japan. This ancient country rich in nature, landscape and colour diversity has much to offer the family, corporate traveler the whole year round.

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