Exclusive access to the best restaurants in Japan.

While Japan is associated with it’s beautiful Geishas, cherry blossom trees and a deep, respectful culture – it’s unique and delicious food is another primary attraction bringing people to this fascinating place.

Unlike many Western countries, money and fame cannot grant you access to the best restaurants in Japan. Instead, the owners and chefs value honour, trust and tradition – and choose to take reservations from people they know personally, or have built up a history with.

Our Food Experience Tour ensures you gain entry to the most exclusive dining venues Japan has to offer. Through decades of networking and relationship building, we have cultivated friendships and built trust with chefs and owners, who allow our guests the privilege of dining in their establishment.

Take a close up look at some of the worlds most impossible to access restaurants.

Experience Japan’s most delectable treats

After decades living and working in this country, we have an incredible network of exclusive contacts. When you travel with Plan Japan, you will have access to true ‘money can’t buy’ experiences – as we have built up this trust. Because of this, our guests always receive a warm welcome.

Your itinerary will be finalised in the month before you take off, as we secure our bookings based on seasonal produce and availability of our favourite chefs.

Here are just some of the world famous restaurants you may dine at, on our Plan Japan Food Experience Tour.

Sushi Amamoto

A Two Michelin Star Establishment and one of the hardest to access in the world – the exclusive 8 seat Amamoto only takes reservations from regular customers or invitation only.

The head chef has a unique vision on fish that inspires him to prepare saba, shirako and ankimo differently in different seasons.


Recently crowned the world’s best restaurant according to La Liste, Sugalabo only accepts reservations from guests who know or have a connection to the chef.

The opening hours are irregular, because the chef takes monthly trips throughout Japan to search for new, inspiring ingredients.


Limited to one group of up to 4 guests each day, Êtê is located on the first floor of an undisclosed apartment building. It serves delicious cuisine befitting what the chef refers to as her ‘treasured guests.’

Expect such delights as sea urchin topped biscuits and smoked butter brioche.


Widely regarded as the number one Yakitori restaurant in Japan, Torishiki is notoriously hard to book, due to its Michelin star rating and high quality food.

Experience yakitori as a culinary art and enjoy the visual delights as well as the unique taste sensations.


One of the most sought-after yakiniku restaurants in Japan – you’ll enjoy delights like hink silken tofu and herb broth and different iterations of classic kimchi, followed by unctuous sirloin cooked to perfection.

Here we will be served a special course designed just for us.


World-renowned chefs bow their heads to the brilliant master who runs this gem.

Rather than focusing on procuring expensive ingredients, the chef’s attention is on wielding his traditional Edomae skills to shape the most exquisite sushi you’ll ever experience.

Tempura Fukamachi

A 1-star Michelin tempura restaurant and considered one of the best in Japan – this is an experience not to be missed.

The batter is thin so as not to spoil the innate taste of the fresh ingredients, and the owner-chef uses high-quality white sesame oil to give it a light texture.


Ranked number five in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, Florilège combined imaginate French cooking with the freshest Japanese ingredients.

Enjoy the open kitchen as your famous chef allows face-to-face interactions with you throughout the meal, providing a unique insight into the process.

Luxury Accommodation

After a day of exploring and experiencing the most incredible sights, smells and of course, tastes of Tokyo – you will need the perfect place to unwind and relax.

Here at Plan Japan we only select the most elegant and reputable hotels for our Tours. You will always be centrally located, in the heart of the excitement – while in your own sanctuary above it all. You can expect to stay in one of the following luxury five star hotels.

Palace Hotel Tokyo

With an unparalleled view of the city and sensational location just across from the Imperial Palace gardens, the five-star Palace Hotel Tokyo is a haven of hospitality – providing the elegant and refined hospitality Japan is so famous for.

The hotel has 7 restaurants, a spa and a free-access fitness centre and indoor swimming pool – and is a short walk from Ginza shopping area.

Shangri-La, Tokyo

Just one minute walk from Tokyo Station, the Shangri-la offers the perfect mix of convenience and grandeur. Listed as a 2021 Forbes Five Star hotel, and boasting one of the largest guest room sizes available in Tokyo, it embodies refined beauty and serenity.

Enjoy a state-of-the-art gym as well as a heated indoor swimming pool. Or spend your afternoon in Chi, The Spa, which provides signature massage treatments and therapy programmes.

Grant Hyatt, Tokyo

Grand Hyatt Tokyo is the perfect base from which to comfortably explore and discover the city – then come home to pure luxury. With easy access to areas such as Ginza and Shibuya, it is ideal for both business and leisure.

This stunning hotel has an abundance of luxury rooms and suites that’s perfect for every traveller, from honeymoon couples to corporate executives. Grand Hyatt Tokyo incorporates tasteful Japanese aesthetics into its design, fused with rich mahogany furnishings and natural fabrics to create a warm atmosphere.

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

Offers you calm and spacious skies at our location nestled in the natural splendor of Shiba Park, away from the bustle of the metropolis. With 33 floors above ground, the hotel stands alongside Tokyo Tower, the symbol of the city, and features a natural hot spring and full range of other amenities, such as restaurants and spa and fitness facilities. The Prince Park Tower Tokyo is a flagship hotel of Prince Hotels and a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts.

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