Our director, Rachel Lang

As a fluent Japanese speaker, translator and expert in Japanese culture and customs, I have conducted a huge number of incredibly successful incentive and VIP special interest trips that are fondly talked about for years. I travel to Japan frequently and can confidently assert that there are very few non-Japanese who know the country and culture as well as I do.

My knowledge and networks allow me to create unbelievable travel itineraries that deliver a memorable, seamless travel experience for each of my clients. Through my friends and contacts in Japan you will have access to places that local Japanese can’t even dream to go.

I personally escort all my VIP clients on every tour we offer and look forward to making your trip as unbelievable of an experience you could ever dream of.

An immersive experience enlightening all of the senses.

For many people, witnessing the stunning bloom of the cherry blossoms of Japan is a bucket list item. They truly are magnificent! If you choose to travel solo, or with a standard tour guide – you’ll likely end up fighting for space with thousands of other people, lining up in the ‘tourist spots’ to capture the perfect picture.

When you travel with Plan Japan, you will experience these natural wonders from secret locations, only known to locals. You will witness their beauty in a serene, private experience, complete with other special surprises along the way.

Cherry Blossom on Hidden Paths is a unique travel adventure, from start to finish. We have included all the finer details you just cannot find anywhere else. This includes private dining sessions in restaurants that don’t accept bookings unless they are familiar with you, tranquil picnics on the top of mountains – and a private tour of a Master’s House in a remote village.


We have included completely immersive experiences on this tour. You’ll enjoy a lesson in making your own Soba, a private vineyard tour and wine tasting in Yamanashi, and dinner at multiple Michelin star restaurants.
Some of the highlights of the Cherry Blossom on Hidden Paths include:

Dinner at Tokyo’s hottest Yakitori restaurant.

This restaurant does not accept reservations from first time customers! But you will be treated like an old friend, while being served the finest wine, sake and beer.

An exclusive Kaiseki Dinner with a Geisha.

This includes an exclusive Geisha Performance and Greetings - as well as interactive time and Q & A’s with Kanagawa’s exquisite elusive Geishas.

A private tour of the best sake brewery in Hida Furukawa region.

Learn about the making of sake as well as a private tasting of their premium sakle with the head brewer.

Cycling tour on the Jikkasegi path to see Cherry Blossoms in bloom!

We take electric assisted bicycles along the best cycling route in Japan to enjoy cherry blossoms like you will never again experience in your life.

Secret viewing of Cherry Blossoms unlike seen before!

You will be guided to a secret cherry blossom viewing spot on a mountain, away from crowds where there will be an elaborate cherry blossom themed picnic set up just for you.

A guided walk of the Nakasendo Trail.

One of the best walks in Japan to experience what life would have been like as a merchant or samurai under the rule of the Tokugawa.

The shopping experience of a lifetime.

You’ll visit Ginza, where Japan’s best-known and most opulent department stores are found. You’ll also find boutiques representing all the major international luxury brands.

Exclusive Access

During this tour you will have exclusive access to places and people that not even Japanese locals can get into. These are the type of surprises we love to include in our tours:

  • Members-only / Introduction-only dining establishments.
  • Behind the scenes tour of Toyosu fish market by a *Michelin Star chef
  • Happy hour drinks with sumo wrestlers
  • Tours of private art galleries not open to the public.
  • Fascinating one-on-one discussions with famous fashion designers
  • Private chats with CEO’s of Japanese high tech companies
Rachel with good friend and 2* Michelin Star chef Ryujiro Nakamura
Rachel with Yamayuki CEO Mr Yamaguchi
With Chef Sugita - The most difficult restaurant to book in the world.


We have spent two decades travelling across this beautiful and unique place. We have used this time to put together a carefully curated list of only the best hotels this country has to offer.

We have selected some extraordinary accommodation for the Cherry Blossom on Hidden Paths tour with a theme of luxury and indulgence.

While we, of course, organise all your transfers – your accommodation will always be in the heart of everything – meaning when you have leisure time, you can explore on foot. All the amazing sights and sounds of Japan at your fingertips.

Palace Hotel Tokyo

Situated right in the bustling centre of Marounouchi and opposite the Imperial Palace gardens, the Palace Hotel Tokyo is a haven of hospitality and decadence. You will spend three nights here, with your own private balcony looking over the Imperial gardens.

It is home to ten restaurants, bars and lounges, each with a unique atmosphere and design – as well as the Evian Spa Tokyo – where you may choose to unwind after your journey.

Byakudan Hakone

The hotel name Byakudan means sandalwood. On site are 16 elegant accommodations spread out across a 3- acre land. The lobby features a high ceiling with wide glass windows through which a panorama of the Hakone mountains can be seen.

The hotel boasts of its own gold colored hot spring source. The large communal bath features natural stones and Izu stones, and the open-air baths in the guest rooms offer views of a variety of deciduous trees.

Hoshino Matsumoto

Blending elegance with innovation in its use of traditional craft arts, the Hoshino Kai Matsumoto has been designed with an artfully whimsical touch.

It offers a luxurious multi-feature onsen bath, while surrounded by the breathtaking Japanese Alps of Nagano prefecture.

It is also nearby the 400-year-old grand Matsumoto Castle.

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