Our director, Rachel Lang

As a fluent Japanese speaker, translator and expert in Japanese culture and customs, I have conducted a huge number of incredibly successful incentive and VIP special interest trips that are fondly talked about for years. I travel to Japan frequently and can confidently assert that there are very few non-Japanese who know the country and culture as well as I do.

My knowledge and networks allow me to create unbelievable travel itineraries that deliver a memorable, seamless travel experience for each of my clients. Through my friends and contacts in Japan you will have access to places that local Japanese can’t even dream to go.

I personally escort all my VIP clients on every tour we offer and look forward to making your trip as unbelievable of an experience you could ever dream of.


Experience a Japanese Autumn – off the beaten path.

As Autumn approaches in Japan, the trees begin to turn vivid hues of red, orange, and yellow. It’s this combination of lovely weather, blue skies and striking visual delights that make this season a popular time to explore this country.

But you don’t want to have to hustle for a spot to view the magnificence. The only way to experience the Japanese Autumn leaves is by finding them in untouched territory, off the beaten path.

We have designed two exclusive packages that capture the beauty of this time – while including all the ‘must do’ Japanese experiences, that you can only get when you travel with Plan Japan. On both tours you will also have access to a personal tour guide and interpreter, as our Director Rachel travels with you – ensuring your time away is perfect.

Autumn Leaves Central Japan Highlights

Here are just some of the sensational experiences you will have on the Luxury Autumn Leaves Central Japan experience:

Exclusive Restaurant Bookings

Including at Tokyo’s hottest yakitori restaurant, an exclusive sushi dinner at one of the best sushi restaurants in the world, a Wagyu Extravaganza - and several dinners in difficult-to-access exclusive Michelin star restaurants.

Autumn “Light up” Illumination

Visit Kenroku-en Garden, one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, as it is spectacularly lit up at night for a limited time, for guests to enjoy the stunning nature at night.

Explore Kanazawa

Enjoy a morning visit to Omicho Market, before an interactive sushi making lunch and an exclusive “Meet the Masters” meeting with one of Kanazawa’s most prominent Artisans.

Day Tours

Tour the historic Samurai district and restored Samurai residence, Matsumoto Castle, a Hakone mountain hike, Hakone Shrine, Onshi Hakone Park and the Arakura Sengen Shrine (with perfect views of Mt Fuji.)

Q&A with a Geisha

An exquisite multi-course dinner, followed by a Geisha performance and a rare Q&A session. Learn about the history and culture of this incredible group and gain insight into their history.


Choose between walking trails or hiking trails in the beautiful Japanese alps of Nagano renowned as being some of the best trails in Japan or you may choose to relax and enjoy Japanese tea and sweets in this incredible scenery.

Luxury Ryokans

 Quintessentially Japanese, the Ryokan is a luxurious, yet traditional take on Japanese accommodation. Includes opportunities for an onsen (dip in a hot spring) massages and private dining.

Nakasendo Trail

Nestled between imposing mountain cliffs, these lowlands are home to a handful of incredibly well preserved towns. A perfect route to experience the Japan Autumn Leaves, while learning about important history.

Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka Autumn Leaves Highlights

Here are just some of the wonderful inclusions in this package:

Exclusive Dining

Bookings at introduction only, world famous restaurants. Including an exclusive ​​Yakiniku restaurant featuring Japan’s finest Wagyu beef and one of the most difficult-to-book sushi restaurants in the world.

Autumn Leaves Abundance

Amongst the delicious meals and guided tours, we will whisk you away to one of Tokyo’s incredible Autumn Leaves viewing locations - a once in a lifetime experience, enjoyed in serenity, away from other tourists.

Toyosu Market

Access to a VIP behind-the-scenes private tour of this bustling wholesale market, escorted to areas that only where Michelin star chefs are able to enter. Enjoy breakfast followed by a visit to the old Tsukiji Market.

Explore Kyoto

Tour of Kyoto’s famous sights starting with Arashiyama Tenryuji - Bamboo forest - Otagi Nenbutsuji, followed by a beautiful Yudofu speciality lunch in Arashiyama and a tour of Ryoanji and the Golden Pavilion.

Day Tours

Includes guided tours of Gion, Shinjuku, Isetan, a ramen tour with a leading expert, Owakudani Geothermal Valley, Hakone Open Air Museum, Fushimi no Inari Tasha and a Dotonbori Osaka Night Food Tour.

Minoo National Park

A guided tour through one of Japan’s oldest parks, along the famous talking trails through to the stunning Minoo Waterfall, an impressive 33m high and 5m wide, surrounded by gorgeous autumn leaves.

Luxury Ryokans

 Quintessentially Japanese, the Ryokan is a luxurious, yet traditional take on Japanese accommodation. Includes opportunities for an onsen (dip in a hot spring) massages and private dining.

Osaka Castle

Explore Shinsekai, the ‘New World’ of Osaka - and one of Japan’s most famous landmarks, Osaka Castle. A historical piece of stunning architecture, it also houses a museum about the castle's history and Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Exclusive Access

During this tour you will have exclusive access to places and people that not even Japanese locals can get into. These are the type of surprises we love to include in our tours:

  • Members-only / Introduction-only dining establishments.
  • Behind the scenes tour of Toyosu fish market by a *Michelin Star chef
  • Happy hour drinks with sumo wrestlers
  • Tours of private art galleries not open to the public.
  • Fascinating one-on-one discussions with famous fashion designers
  • Private chats with CEO’s of Japanese high tech companies
Rachel with good friend and 2* Michelin Star chef Ryujiro Nakamura
Rachel with Yamayuki CEO Mr Yamaguchi
With Chef Sugita - The most difficult restaurant to book in the world.

Luxury Accommodation

Our tours can be designed to suit your wishes. We can design a bespoke experience for you – or you can select one of our exclusive packages.

Either way, Plan Japan is here to provide you with a complete luxury experience, from the minute you leave the house, until the moment you arrive home.

Shangri-La, Tokyo

Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka Autumn Leaves

Just one minute walk from Tokyo Station, the Shangri-la offers the perfect mix of convenience and grandeur. Listed as a 2021 Forbes Five Star hotel, and boasting one of the largest guest room sizes available in Tokyo, it embodies refined beauty and serenity.

Enjoy a state-of-the-art gym as well as a heated indoor swimming pool. Or spend your afternoon in Chi, The Spa, which provides signature massage treatments and therapy programmes.

Hakone Byakudan Ryokan

Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka Autumn Leaves

The hotel name Byakudan means sandalwood. On site are 16 elegant accommodations spread out across a 3- acre land. The lobby features a high ceiling with wide glass windows through which a panorama of the Hakone mountains can be seen.

The hotel boasts of its own gold colored hot spring source. The large communal bath features natural stones and Izu stones, and the open-air baths in the guest rooms offer views of a variety of deciduous trees.

Sekitaitei Ishida

Autumn Leaves Central Japan

The Sekitaitei Ishida inn nestles in the southern Shinshu region of Nagano prefecture. A hot spring inn built at Hirugami onsen with a concept embodying “Yamatogokoro” (the Japanese spirit)” and focusing on Japanese architecture, cuisine and hospitality.

A sukiya-style building, which has inherited the beauty of Japanese architecture and graced with an extensive and breathtaking garden, featuring exquisite colouring that changes from season to season.

Hoshino Kai Matsumoto

Autumn Leaves Central Japan

Blending elegance with innovation in its use of traditional craft arts, the Hoshino Kai Matsumoto has been designed with an artfully whimsical touch.

It offers a luxurious multi-feature onsen bath, while surrounded by the breathtaking Japanese Alps of Nagano prefecture. It is also nearby the 400-year-old grand Matsumoto Castle.

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