Tradition, talent and taste will awaken your senses on this unique travel experience to Japan. Your taste buds will be tantalised and delighted as you tick off this Japanese food tour off your bucket list.

Japan has for centuries been the sushi capital of the world. Since the early days when Japan imported sushi from China, which was salted fish wrapped with fermented rice to keep it fresh, till Yohei Hanaya created what is now known as nigri-zushi – hand pressed sushi, Japan has without doubt been the pinnacle of all tastes sushi.

Imagine having the opportunity to savour, not just the incredible taste of the worlds best sushi, but also the visual stimulation of the most spectacular presentations as well. That opportunity is now available for you. If you eat with our eyes then your eyes have never eaten like this before.

Imagine being granted access to impossible-to- book Japanese sushi restaurants that are at the peak of their culinary powers. Not only will you enjoy this once in a lifetime food experience but you will also be able to absorb Japan’s cultural, historical and modern life experiences on the same journey.

Arnaud Laidebeur – Uminono

Plan Japan in association with Uminono have created what can only be considered a food experience like no other. Uminono is a Melbourne based sushi restaurant that creates Omakase. French sushi chef Arnaud Laidebeur creates a very limited number of sushi premium take away boxes from the highest quality ingredients. The quality is so high that they only serve 12 customers per day.

Plan Japan and Uminono can now offer you the food experience you have always desired – the Luxury Sushi Discovery Experience. Five days of pure Japanese pleasure with experiences that you can not undertake without the knowledge and experience of your travel guides.

After arriving on Japan Airlines and being transferred to your luxury accomodation you will then be taken on a tour of some of the best sushi restaurants throughout Japan. You will also be granted a number of other unique experiences that will open your eyes to the food culture and tradition of Japan.

This experienced tour group will take you to a minimum of three of the highest quality sushi restaurants in Japan. The tour will also include an experience of dining in an exclusive French/Japanese Michelin Star sushi restaurant.

The range of sushi restaurants that you can prepare to experience on this amazing tour include:

  • Sushi Amamoto (2 Michelin Stars);
  • Hakkoku (Maximum 6 diners at one time);
  • Sushi Kimura (Father of aged sushi);
  • Shimazu (Tokyo’s hottest reservation spot);
  • Sushi Takamitsu (Serves maximum 11 people) ;
  • Sushi Ryujiro (Top tuna market);
  • Florilege (No 5 of 50 Asia’s Best Restaurants);
  • ETE (Limit of 4 guests per day) and others.

In addition your tour will also include a number of other gastronomical delights that will further enhance your senses. These will include visits to some of these establishments;

  • Tacubo (Wood fired seared Wagyu);
  • Torishika (Premium Yakitori);
  • Yakitori Eiki (Torishika’s former apprentice created establishment);
  • Yoroniku (Tabelog Silver Award Winner) and
  • Wagyumafia (Members Only).

Add to these wonderful sushi and unique food  experiences the opportunity to experience the amazing street and ramen food available in Japan. Your food journey will remain in your memory for ever.

Creations by Uminono

With such limited spots available take the time today to get in touch and secure your truly unique Japan sushi dining experience.

Here at Plan Japan we can assist you with your unique Japan Sushi Sining Experience trip. Plan Japan is a boutique corporate travel consultancy with experience in Japan that will guide you to the special wonders and adventures in this ancient oriental land. You can find out more at www.planjapan.com.au or contact us on +61 434 400 151 or email us at info@planjapan.com.au



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