If you’re a sushi aficionado, you’ll know that it’s near-impossible to secure a reservation at Tokyo’s most famous sushiyas. Even regulars need to book months – sometimes years – in advance, putting an authentic, high-end sushi experience out of reach for most Australian visitors to Tokyo.

At Japan’s best sushi restaurants, it’s about the total experience. The interaction between the chef and his customers, the unmatched quality of the produce Tokyo’s most celebrated chefs can source, and the care with which meals are created combine to deliver a truly exceptional dining experience – it’s certainly one for the bucket list.

Chatting to my dear friend, Chef Ryujiro Nakamura, owner and chef at Tokyo’s two Michelin-starred Sushi Umi, I mentioned it was a real pity that most Melbournians will never have the opportunity to enjoy the magic that’s a meal at an elite sushiya.

Nakamura-san knows this only too well – Sushi Umi has become difficult for even regulars to book in recent years, especially since David Beckham pulled out all stops to take his son to dine there – and captured the experience on Instagram – last year.

“Well, I have always wanted to come to Australia…” he said, and the concept for <Nobu presents Chef Ryujiro Nakamura> was born.

For two nights only in May, Melbourne’s coveted Nobu is hosting Chef Nakamura and Watanabe-san from introduction-only and one-starred Ginza hotspot Sushi Arai as they present a money-can’t-buy VIP dining experience. An imaginative and authentic nine-course menu featuring highly-prized bluefin tuna and other delicacies air-freighted directly from Japan alongside some of Nobu’s signature dishes makes this event an absolute must for local foodies and high-end diners.

I’m an absolute sushi freak, so I jumped at the opportunity to bring one of Tokyo’s most respected sushi chefs to Melbourne to give us a taste of Tokyo’s high-end sushi scene. Working with Nobu at Crown and Japan Airlines, I’ve arranged for an unforgettable evening that guests will be talking about for years to come.

Crown has a well-earned reputation for taking events to the next level, and I’m genuinely excited to introduce Melbournians to Nakamura-san’s talents during this exclusive experience.

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