Wagyu Beef is a prized dish and delicacy in Japan, synonymous with the three things that the Japanese are famous for: tradition, quality and conviction.

The definition of “Wagyu” literally means Japanese cow, and is a blanket term referring to several Japanese cattle breeds. The high percentages of fat of these breeds, known as the marbling of fat, weaves its way through the muscle providing a distinctive, tender texture that makes Kobe beef feel like it is literally melting in your mouth.

How do farmers prepare the stock for such fine morsels of meat? Despite popular myths japanese cows are not relaxing in the fields, listening to classical music or accepting massages to bring the best beef. Japan boasts once of the most regulated systems of farming perfection in the world.

Wagyu farmers only have 10 to 15 cows each. Every cow even has a unique ID and a nickname. If you’re concerned that the wagyu beef you’re eating in another country is not authentic request the restaurant to show you the ID number of the cow to trace the genetic line back to the sturdy stock of its relatives.

Japan’s distinct breed of beef cattle is assisted by Japan’s high breeding technology, Wagyu beef is graded by the Japan Meat Grading Association using an outstanding method of grading system that takes into consideration both meat quality and yield grade.

And what makes a perfect Wagyu dish? We are glad you asked – here are our top four favourites:

  1. Wagyu Steak

A western favourite steak may be grilled, pan fried or broiled. However, grilling is the most common technique used in cooking meat in order for it to retain the rich flavour. It is the proper grilling of steak that reveals the true rich and savoury flavour of the Wagyu beef.

  1. Sukiyaki

This hotpot (nabe) dish is a sure-fire winner using thinly sliced beef flavoured with soy sauce, sugar, dashi, and rice wine collectively known as warishita (sukiyaki sauce). Slowly cooked with the vegetables and dipped in a raw egg sauce which gives it a mild balanced flavour.

Sukiyaki is generally considered to be a winter food, but there are many good restaurants that serve sukiyaki. Ask us how we can connect you with a delicious Sukiyaki experience!

  1. Shabu-shabu

It is said that shabu-shabu brings out the true flavour and the tender and delicate texture of Wagyu. The sauce is less sweet than Sukiyaki with a range of sauces on offer.

  1. Nigiri-zushi

Only the highest-quality Wagyu beef is used for nigiri-zushi. It has marble-like texture and is extremely soft and thin-sliced. This raw meat dish will literally melt in your mouth!

We are privileged to know some of the finest dining secrets that Japan’s cities has to offer. Booking a plan japan experience can give you access to some of our best dining guides that can show you the way to the finest wagyu that Japan has to offer.

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