Why hitting the slopes of Japan is an experience like no other!

When you combine Japan’s rich history and extraordinary culture with divine cuisine, onsens and breathtaking scenery, and add around 1,500cm of the world’s best powder snow – you’ve got an unforgettable experience you won’t get anywhere else! And if you’re familiar with Japan, you’ll know the incredible level of hospitality to expect.

With nearly 80% of Japan’s land mass occupied by mountains and boasting around 500 ski resorts with variety to suit any visitor and budget, it’s one of the best ski locations in the world.

Another nice aspect about Japanese ski slopes, in general, is that they are often lit up at night and open until quite late – in many cases until 8:30 or 9 pm, so you can enjoy some wondrous skiing under the stars.

The snow

Japanese snow normally has a moisture content of about 8%, making it much lighter and drier than probably any snow you’ve experienced before. Fairly heavy snowfall means that it is deep too – perfect conditions for skiing! While Japan may not have the tallest slopes, this combination certainly makes it a win-win for any ski visitor! The only possible negative about the snow is you have no chance of making a snowball – a small price to pay?

The food

The almost incomprehensible variety of great food available in Japan extends to the slopes. You’ll find choices from sushi to steak, and other Japanese specialties high in the mountains. And the addition of local restaurants means you’ll likely come across local delicacies that you can’t find elsewhere. Imagine this: you’ve spent a few hours on the slopes in the morning, and you break for lunch to enjoy a steaming bowl of ramen of your choosing. Or you’ve enjoyed an onsen experience after dinner, then you take it easy with a hot cup of sake to finish the day. That’s an experience unique to a Japanese ski holiday!

The onsen

A skiing holiday in Japan is the best place in the world to enjoy a good soak in an onsen overlooking amazing winter landscapes. Not only do these natural hot spring baths offer the perfect relaxation experience after a busy day of exertion on the slopes, but they also provide great benefits for those post-skiing aches and pains. If it’s been a particularly chilly day, a soak in an onsen is amazing to warm your whole body and ready you for another day of action.

The ease of travel

You won’t be locked into one resort of the many available on your ski holiday to Japan. With a large number easily accessible directly by the shinkansen bullet train, or by a combination of bullet train and bus or shuttle, you can plan for your trip to include multiple resorts, and therefore, a range of unique experiences (not to mention the variety of food that will come with it!).

One more thing…

If all of the above isn’t unique enough for you, how about skiing into the heart of a volcano? Inactive of course! You’ll find Mt. Yotei in Hokkaido. A five-hour hike to the top is well worth it for the ski down into the crater! But it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted, as once you’re out of the crater, you’ll then need to hike back down. Yet another experience you won’t find outside of your skiing trip to Japan!


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